Make a dash for the new Diddly Diddly Dosh mobile slot game, and win a big progressive jackpot at one of the most popular mobile casinos in the industry.

Funny gambling news has released a new video dedicated to the launch of the new mobile slots game which has caused a catastrophic invasion of Europe by Irish Leprechauns compulsively offering no deposit mobile casino bonuses.

With the release of its brand new mobile slot game, Diddly Diddly Dosh slot, players have even more good reasons to visit Pocket Fruity mobile casino.  The mobile platform offers literally hundreds of games and knows exactly what players are looking for in their gaming sessions.

For those European players deciding to travel to the USA, Russia or China it is strictly forbidden to try and smuggle PocketFruity leprechauns, new measures instated after they were increasingly found hiding in mobile handsets. Failing to follow this rule will result in detention.

In these increasingly regulated countries the freedom and joy that PocketFruity leprechauns provide is often unwelcome, in Russia by the ex-KGB control freak leprechaun, in China by leprechauns afraid of a similar invasion, and in the US by Las Vegas fat cats afraid of losing their control on gambling.

Of course the original gambling ban in the USA was just a pure protectionism, plain and simple punishment of American players. The UK had a huge advantage in the online gambling industry so the US put in a ban in order to allow US firms to “catch up”. Corporate America at its most slippery.

However, Europeans hope for the good news from over the ocean. Four years ban is to be enough to finally prepare and cook the gambling McDonalds online instead of forcing American players jumping on a horse for Las Vegas.  And of course, we are not talking about Russia and China as there are no hopes.

If you find yourself outside one of the barbarian places afraid of the Irish leprechauns spreading no deposit mobile casino bonuses, visit the Pocket Fruity mobile betting website to snag yourself a leprechaun (and his pot of gold)!

In addition, Pocket Fruity Mobile casino continues to offer exclusive games such as the one it commissioned together with the popular people’s radio station, Karrang. Karrang’s Stairway to 7 is a toe-tapping, bonus rich progressive slot game with big bonuses and a special super feature round triggered by three flaming 7’s.